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About us

Repressed Publishing LLC is the premier publisher of historical, genealogical and antiquarian books.  At Repressed Publishing we love books - we bring to life the historic, the old and otherwise forgotten books of a generation past. We take the utmost care to preserve the original copies and print on materials that ensure these books will educate another generation. Printed as their original pages, our copies not only preserve the past but present to us our history. With thousands of titles in our catalog, we are sure to have a book on your favorite historic event, the towns of your ancestors, of bygone days or even your family history.


Our employees are as passionate about collecting and preserving rare and antiquarian books as they are about publishing them. So we understand that most of the original books we republish are either unobtainable or cost thousands of dollars to purchase.  We decided to build our business around that gap - people who want to learn from these treasures but either can't find an original copy or don't want to pay exuberant prices.