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Q.  Who is Repressed Publishing? 
A.  Repressed Publishing LLC is the premier publisher of historical, genealogical and antiquarian books.  At Repressed Publishing we love books.  Our employees are as passionate about collecting and preserving rare and antiquarian books as they are about publishing them.  So we understand that most of the original books we republish are either unobtainable or cost thousands of dollars to purchase.  We decided to build our business around that gap - people who want to learn from these treasures but either can't find an original copy or don't want to pay exuberant prices.

Q.  What does a reprinted book look like?
A.  All of our books are printed on modern, archival quality paper and bound in a hardcover cloth binding.  We print exact copies of the original pages - no adjustments are made to the original text, giving the readers the full, historical experience.  We print all of our books in black and white - this ensures maximum quality at printing.  To learn more about our publications and printing process, click here.

Q.  How do you produce your books?

A.  Repressed Publishing LLC is the direct publisher and manufacturer of our product line.  Our books begin as originals - carefully selected and purchased from around the world.  We then digitize those books to create an exact copy of the original pages in electronic format.  Those pages are cleaned and enhanced to ensure the best printing quality possible.  All of our books are printed in our Indiana facility as brown cloth bound, hardcover binding with  archival quality, #60 paper.  We strive to ensure these literary jewels written hundreds of years ago will survive hundreds of years more.  To learn more about our publications and printing process, click here.

Q.  Do you offer institutional or resellers discounts?
A.  Of course, contact us today for wholesale terms.

Q.  I've written a book and would like to have it published.  What should I do?
A.  Click here for more information on publishing your book with Repressed Publishing.

Q.  My society would like to have a book published.
A.  Click here for more information on publishing your book with Repressed Publishing.

Q.  What if I'm looking for a specific book, can you find it for me?
A.  If you're looking for a specific title, contact us!  We have the resources to find books from all over the world and publish them.  We'd love to add your book to our collection.

Q.  I'm doing genealogical and historical research, will you do look ups for me?
A.  Yes... and no...  We want to ensure you're purchasing the correct book for your research.  We also want you to purchase our books.  We'd be more than happy to do surname look ups but probably won't volunteer any other information contained in the book outside of confirming that your ancestors are in fact mentioned.  As much as we love to share information, we need to make a living... you understand, right?

Q.  Do you damage the original books you digitize?
A.  We're book collectors - we value and protect the original copies we process.  In most cases we are able to digitize a book without damaging its pages or binding.  In rare incidences it may become necessary for us to unbind  a book to get a flat, high quality image.  In such cases we make the best effort to rebind the book following scanning.  Often times if we feel a book is too rare and we'll be unable to properly repair it, we pass on the opportunity to publish it.