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Print on Demand

Print on demand is a unique style of publishing.  As its name suggests, books are printed in single batches as an order is received.  By removing the need to maintain physical inventory, we're able to offer over 500,000 titles for sale.  Our proprietary processing system enables us to print and ship a book within days of an order being received; we're often able to get our books to your door quicker than a traditional bookseller. 


Bindings.  Repressed Publishing stands above other print on demand publishers by recreating the original look and feel of the antiquarian books we reprint.  All of our titles are printed as 6x9", bound in a brown hardcover cloth with the titles stamped in gold on both the spine and front cover.  Though not the originals, our books can hold their own in a library of 1st editions.




Inside.  The interior of the book strives to present the original pages, not recreate them.  We use high resolution images of the original pages and print them on modern, archival quality paper.  The result is a beautiful presentation of the original book, just as the author intended. 



Foldouts.  Another unique feature of Repressed Publishing books is our ability to include the original foldouts.  When foldouts are present, we do our best to recreate them exactly as they appeared in the original books.




Want to know more?  In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the print on demand process and show how a book is created between the time you hit 'check out' to when it arrives on your door step.


Step 1, Books.  No big surprise here, to re-print a book, we start with an original book.  We digitize each book, page by page, ensuring the highest image quality possible.  Each page is captured exactly as it was in the original.


Step 2, Now we wait...  Now that a book is digitized, we store the raw images on our servers and wait... Wait for what, you ask?  We wait for you to purchase it.  That's the advantage of a print on demand model; we invest minimum upfront costs to printing a book until we know it's going to sell.  How does that affect you?  With over 500,000 books in our inventory, the costs would be too prohibitive and we'd be only able to offer a handful of our top sellers. 


Step 3, You bought it.  By clicking 'purchase' you trigger a series of events, that all happen within a 24 hours period. 


Step 4, Quality Assurance.  When a book is purchased, the raw images of that book download into a proprietary, in-house tool called Biblioteca (we call it Biblio for short).  In Biblio, the images are queued up for our staff to review.  Each page gets inspected, altered and approved prior to printing.  If a page doesn't meet our standards, we go back and try to capture that page again.  All of this happens within an hour or two of purchase.


Step 5, Processing.  Here's where Biblio really starts to work its magic. Once a human approves each page, Biblio then begins to normalize each image - ensuring they're the same size, foldouts get printed as foldouts, it creates the title page, inserts the ISBN and barcodes, etc., etc.  In the end it processes and assembles the entire book, completely automatic.  We don't want to brag... but Biblio is pretty amazing.  Once it's finished, it ships them off to the printer.


Step 6, Printing!  This is the part that should matter the most to you.  We use high quality digital printing equipment which includes our Xerox Nuvera 144 for high quality monochrome output.  We print on #50 Natural text stock and all of our books are bound according to ANSI-NISO binding standards.  If you're interested in learning more about our ANSI-NISO binding standards, feel free to contact us.  Our printing experts ensure each books is printed to the highest quality.

Step 7, Shipping!  We ship all of our domestic orders via USPS Priority Flat Rate and international orders through USPS International Priority.  We ship in new boxes and envelopes that are securely packaged.